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Bakers Percentage Recipe Yield Conversion Calculator

Ritas' Easy To Use Bakers Percentage Recipe Yield Conversion Calculator

Bakers percentage Recipe Yield Proportional Converter

This handy little converter will calculate a multiplier that will enable you to increase or decrease any recipe yield regardless of the measurement standard used. (US, Metric, UK, Australian, etc.)

  1. Enter the original recipe yield:

  2. Enter the number of your required yield:
    Then move your mouse/curser down to box 3 and read your conversion multiplier.

  3. This is the number you will use to multiply your original recipe quantities when converting:
    For easier calculating, you may round the number up to the second number after the decimal point.

As an example; if your original recipe called for 2 pounds (You may also use ounces, cups, tablespoons, kilos, or whatever.), of flour and the recipe yield was 3 loaves; but, you want to change it to yield 6 loaves. Enter the number 3 into the first box, then enter 6 in the second box. Now, move your mouse/curser over to box 3. The number in the third box should be 2.0. You would then multiply the 2 pounds of flour by 2.0 to get the amount of flour required for 6 loaves. Of course, you must also multiply all of the remaining ingredients by 2.0; or, use the re-calculator below.

Please see cautions.


This easy to use companion calculator to the above proportional calculator is all that is needed to complete your recipe yield conversion.

Name of Recipe:

Recipe Yield Scaling Calculator
Item No.
Ingredient Quantity and Description
New Calculated Quantity
Ingredient A
Ingredient B
Ingredient C
Ingredient D
Ingredient E
Ingredient F
Ingredient G
Ingredient H
Ingredient K
Scale Factor

  1. Type-in your original recipe ingredient quantity and an optional brief description in the column labeled "Original Recipe Quantity."

  2. Ouantities must be expressed in decimals. Such as .33 for 1/3 cup, teaspoon or whatever. 2.5 for 2 1/2 cups, teaspoons or whatever. For single digit quantities you "MUST" enter them this way; 1.0 teaspoon or whatever. If you just use 1 teaspoon, you will get an error sign on that item. See chart below for other decimal equivalents.

  3. When you have entered all of the original recipe ingredient quantities, scroll to the bottom of the form and type-in your "recalculation scale factor" as determined in "BOX 3" of the above calculator.

  4. Then click on "Scale This Recipe" button. Your re-calculated quantities will be displayed in the last column labeled; "New Calculated Quantity".

Thats all there is to it!

EXAMPLE: Your current recipe serves 4 and you need it to serve 6. Using the proportional calculator above [First one at the top of the page.], you will obtain a 1.5 factor.

Now enter all of your original recipe ingredient quantities and an optional brief description, in the column labeled "Ingredient Quantity and Description." I have filled in a few items so you may see how it's done and also test the system. I have also entered the 1.5 scale factor as indicated above. Then click on the "Scale This Recipe" button and view your answer(s) in the last column labeled "New Calculated Quantity." These are the quantities you will need to use to serve 6 people.

When you are ready to begin, just erase my entries from the fields above.

To convert teaspoons to tablespoons, cups to pints, or quarts use this conversion table.

Enter the amount in the first field then click outside of the field to get the results.

Teaspoons to Tablespoons

teaspoons equalsTablespoons

Tablespoons to Cups

Tablespoons equals Cups

Cups to Pints And Quarts

cups equals pints or quarts

Results are stated as decimal equivalents. The table to the right side may be used to covert decimals to fractions. Round the decimal to the closest fraction. Fraction Decimal
1/8 .125
1/4 .25
3/8 .375
1/2 .5
5/8 .625
3/4 .75
7/8 .875

Need just a plain old simple math calculator? Just click here!

See next page for additional recipe/cooking math calculations.

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